Matricom Releases G-Box Midnight MX2 with Full XBMC Hardware Decoding Support


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- G-Box Midnight: Everybody in the Android TV Box industry is familiar with this name by now. Today Matricom has released news about the G-Box Midnight MX2, their new dual-core Android 4.2 TV box that's touting full 1080p hardware decoding through XBMC on a dual-core platform. Matricom claims this as the first box to hit the market that fully supports true hardware decoding in XBMC on the MX chipset. They have already proven their ability with their previous product and now they're pushing XBMC to a whole new level of performance.

"We're working with the top developers of XBMC, those that have been developing this software before Android was ever even thought of", Joseph Sullivan, Matricom's GM explains. "We have a secret weapon. Someone that has been around for a long time, knows Android and XBMC inside and out, has been developing hardware hacks for Sony and Microsoft devices and now has been working day in and out to proclaim full XBMC support on our latest hardware."

The new MX2 highlights all of the features that made the original Midnight so popular but now pushes beyond that limit by offering the more powerful dual core Amlogic A9 MX processor teamed with a dual core Mali-400 GPU to deliver 1080p HD and 3D incredibly smoothly while handling Android like nobody's business. Furthermore it has 8 gigs of internal storage which is double the former device's amount. One new unique feature is over-the-air updating which will keep every MX2 up to date with the latest firmware and XBMC releases from Matricom. "Android TV Boxes have the reputation of being enthusiast only devices. We're making a bold attempt to turn this technology into a consumer ready product. Over-the-air updating is a necessity to keep the software updated on the device without requiring the consumer to have a full working knowledge of how to update their system. The idea is to have a system that 'just works'. This updating process is not new to Android devices such as phones, however it is revolutionary to the Android TV Box industry and opens the device up to everybody and makes updating more convenient than ever."

Currently the MX2 is being mass produced and is undergoing final beta testing and development tweaks before being released into the marketplace. The price is only marginally higher than the original Midnight which means it will not only the only dual core XBMC streaming device but also one of the most affordable TV boxes on the market.

For more information please visit the Community blog website at and the Matricom website at The MX2 will be released on Amazon and can be purchased from this link:

Contact information
1688 N. Goldenrod Road Suite 4107
Orlando, FL 32807
GM: Joey Sullivan