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Matt Nielson Disability Law Announces Updated Website for Those People Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits

Matt Nielson Disability Law’s updated website makes it easier for individuals to understand the process and receive assistance in getting social security disability benefits.


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Matt Nielson Disability Law today announced the re-organization of their website, UtahSocialSecurityDisability.com, for the purpose of making it easier for individuals to read and understand the process for applying for disability benefits.

People often find the process of filing for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration to be perplexing. Matt Nielson Disability Law’s new website design has become educationally based so individuals can learn and understand what it takes to file for disability benefits and be successful.

Statistics show that 70% of all initial applications are denied. Because the rules set by SSA can be very subjective, once they reach claimant review, it is important that the application be filled out correctly from the beginning.

For those who desire assistance in filing out their disability claim, Matt Nielson Disability Law has developed a systematic process from start to finish that walks applicants step-by-step through the Social Security Disability maze. This process includes assisting clients with the initial application forms and providing specialized forms for medical providers to fill out in order to build a complete record. If an appeal is necessary they will represent individuals before the Administrative Judge at the appeals hearing.

Advocate, Barrie Nielson said, “Our disability law team is unique in that we work with clients from the very beginning of the claim through its final resolution. Most lawyers will only become involved if a claim has already been denied. However, we help clients prepare their initial application, which goes a long way toward setting up a favorable decision from the start.”

“We have a reputation of excellent services that shines from the moment we answer our phones, through our work with claimants, even at times, long past the decision they receive. We often appeal post hearing cases and have been successful in obtaining reversals and remands from the Appeals Council. We also help our clients find the resources they need to help them with medical expenses until they can get back on their way to work,” said Nielson.

Even if one does not use a disability lawyer or advocate at any time during the initial disability claim process or during the application appeal, there is no doubt a representative for the appeal hearing before an administrative law judge is wise. The judge expects a person to understand all relevant issues concerning the case.

“Our team is proud of the friendly, personalized service we give each of our clients and the respect with which we treat them. With our wealth of knowledge regarding the SSD process, we have build an impressive network of contacts to assist clients at all of the various stages,” said Matt Nielson.

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Matt Nielson Disability Law team brings 38 years of combined experience to their business. They represent all of Utah and are unique because they travel to where ever their clients are instead of requiring them to convene in Salt Lake.

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