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Matthew David Hurtado Offers 30-Day Transformation Course

Lets users turn on the slim switch and alleviates their will power for fat loss


Spring Green, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- Matthew David Hurtado has offered a way for users to attain their goal of losing unwanted fat and making a dramatic transformation in their bodies in just about 30 days.

Mr. Hurtado is the CEO of and according to him, the secret to losing weight doesn’t lie in a potion or a pill but one’s brain. He claims that it’s something he learned from fitness professional many years ago. It helped him turn on his own slim switch whenever he wanted. Since then he has been sharing this secret with many satisfied customers all over the world.

“Anytime I am feeling out of control or that I have put on weight, within as little as 10 seconds I make a quantum adjustment by radically altering the powers that be, which influence my body,” says Mr. Hurtado. He has managed to do that to good effect and today he shares the insight with people who can make the most out of it as well.

There are many who are hoping to reach their Weight Loss goals but find that there are many stumbling blocks along the way. It often happens that people let themselves go or lose interest in life for whatever reasons. But they will be pleased to find that the control to make drastic changes in their lives is in their hands. And Mr. Hurtado claims to lead them at every step of the way with his program.

Quite simply, it is a 30 day transformation course that strives to turn one’s body into an autopilot working towards a sexy, new self. The information is said to be a compilation of day to day shifts, where users are taken through different steps to be able slim to reach their goals sooner rather than later.

About Matthew David Hurtado
Matthew David Hurtado is a self-made millionaire who has combated and overcome Lyme's disease, PTSD, bulimia, and poverty. He is a renowned private coach and runs multi-million dollar companies. He is a former fitness professional and serious advocate of healthy living and exercise.

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