Matthew J. Malinowski

Matthew J. Malinowski Announces New Position as Business Manager and Board Secretary for Upper Mooreland School District


Cheltenham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Matthew Malinowski has announced the conclusion of his service to the School District of Cheltenham Township. After over four years of completing collaborative budget processes, improved bond ratings, successful union negotiations and strategic financial management, Malinowski moves to a new endeavor as the Business Manager/Board Secretary of the Upper Moreland School District.

From 2010 to today, Malinowski brought savings of over twelve million dollars with no programmatic input. Additionally, during the economic downturn, Malinowski strategically worked to manage staffing levels and property assessments, which impact property taxes, the primary revenue source for the district. Highlights of initiatives completed include the following:

- The district’s first long-range fiscal plan which provides comprehensive data and analysis on expenditure and revenue trends while providing easy to understand information on key cost drivers for the district.

- Improved transparency and communication via a customized web portal of information containing audits, budgets, cost savings and presentations on initiatives and projects relates to operational areas of the school district.

- Migration to a self-insurance of medical benefits saving over four million dollars while improving collaboration with bargaining groups and improved wellness opportunities

- Strategic management of debt service to take advantage of interest rates and time issuances to reduce administrative costs and impact to budget

- Realistic labor agreements that represented the district’s ability to pay and addressed budgetary impact.

- Electronic processes and procedures to reduce costs, improve service delivery and promote greater understanding of financial indicators

- Communication with all stakeholders via task forces, committee meetings, involvement in external stakeholder groups and improvement of internal communication through personal, individualized meetings with administrators and community members.

During his tenure, from 2011 and for three consecutive years, Malinowski received recognition for excellence in financial reporting for the School District of Cheltenham Township by the Government Finance Officers Association. From 2010 and for four consecutive years, the School District of Cheltenham Township was recognized for excellence in budget development and presentation by the Association of School Business Officials International. These awards, not previously awarded to the district, recognize the collaboration of the board, administration and other stakeholders to improve processes and increase accountability.

Matt looks forward to his new opportunity and reflects on his time at Cheltenham as one of strategic financial management of a challenging economic time for both district and residents through which multiple years of no tax increases and maintenance of programs was a prudent measure for the community.

About Matthew J. Malinowski
Matthew J. Malinowski currently serves as Director of Business Affairs for the Cheltenham Township School District. In Cheltenham he oversees services including food service, transportation, and financial reporting. He holds an M.P.A from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked for over a decade providing financial consulting for both school and government entities.

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