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Matthew Lesko and the Government Money Club Issues Latest Information About Free Government Grants


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2015 -- NY Times Best Selling Author and Free Government Money Club Expert publishes information about the free money (approx. $48 Billion Dollars) that the US Government issues every week but unfortunately U.S. citizens are unaware of these grants. Because of which only 12% of government grants goes to the poor people. The only problem is that either people are unaware of these free government grants or they just do not know who to contact in order to get these grants, but once the relevant person is found, according to Matthew Lesko, "One can get anywhere from $20,000 to $250,000 or more in free money, government grants and loans in less than 20 minutes".

Matthew Lesko publishes helpful information on how eligible citizens can take advantage of these grants. Matthew Lesko is an author, columnist, money consultant, cooperate consultant,regular guest on America's famous talk shows and a featured speaker who has authored more than 100 books on government money (two of which are New York Times Best Sellers); wrote many columns for many famous magazines & newspapers like Good Housekeeping Magazine, New York Times Syndicate, and Chicago Tribune; appeared as a guest on famous TV shows like Larry King, CNN, ABC, Oprah, Letterman, The Today Show and thousands more; and offered consultation services to over 600 corporations including Proctor and Gamble, 20th Century Fox, Citicorp Bank, and DuPont.

Matthew Lesko and the Government Money Club also published hundreds of informative videos about free Government money, which includes a 15 Minute Meeting and a one paragraph letter to Get A $30,000 Government Grant For Your Business, Start Your Blog and Get $11,135 To Write A Cook Book, 180 Million Americans Don't Know They're Eligible For Free Health Care Now At Any Income?, The Secrets of Asking for $23,000 and Getting $556,000 In Crowdfunding, Gov't Will Tear Down Your Old Home and Build You A New One For Free&6 New Ways To Get Free Money Legally.

About Matthew Lesko and The Government Money Club
Matthew Lesko and the Government Money Club strives to educate the people of America about the 1000's of free government grants, loans, guarantees and services the government of America offers to its citizens.

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