Mattress Announces Up to 70% off on Their Winter Sale Offers of a Wide Range of Mattresses & Bedding Products

Anyone in the UK willing to purchase good quality mattresses and bedding accessories at affordable prices can now take advantage of winter sale discount offers brought by for their nationwide customers throughout the UK.


Kent, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- This is perhaps the best time to get a new mattress or change the old ones, with offering discounts of up to 70% on its winter sale of a variety of beds, mattresses, memory foam products, and bedding accessories. As part of their offer, they are giving heavy discounts on bedding products from all leading brands such as Sealy, Silent Night, Sleepeezee, and Milbrook. For many citizens in the UK, it could be a good opportunity to replace their conventional beds with high-quality memory foam mattresses that ensure a peaceful and sound sleep every night to the users.

Announcing about their discounts and winter sale offers, the CEO of the online retailer reveals, “Today, insomnia is a widespread problem and even children are found complaining about the symptoms of sleeplessness. While people in the UK have realized the importance of high-quality bedding that is essential for a good amount of sleep every night, the price of a high-quality product could be a big issue for many. Now, by offering discount prices, we encourage people to get new mattresses for everyone in the family.”

Today, all doctors recommend using a good quality bedding for sleeping, which must be free from all toxic elements and chemicals. Such poor quality beds can be harmful to the human health and at the same time may pose an environmental hazard as well. Many children complaining about problems like skin irritation and other kind of bacterial infections are immediately recommended to change their mattresses. maintains that the awareness of using good quality bed and bedding accessories is growing day by day. And they feel that their huge discount offer will further encourage people to get quality mattresses and other bedding products at home so that everyone in the family can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful sleep every night. If you too want to take advantage of the discount winter sale offers, you can check their website to check the availability of the bedding products and the applicable discounts.

About is the one-stop shop for a wide range of beds, mattresses, memory foam products, divans, and other bedding accessories. All these products are sourced directly from the leading brand manufacturers like Sealy, Silent Night, Sleepeezee, Milbrook, Rest Assured, and Kaymed, and this is the reason they offer huge discounts on all the products sold through them. They are one of the largest, cheapest and more reputable online superstores serving the entire United Kingdom.

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