Maurizio Di Mauro Looks to Start Manufacturing Braaper Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Funding Support via a Crowdfunding Campaign

Braaper is a portable Bluetooth speaker inspired by a competition motorbike exhaust system that delivers an incredible sound.


Milano, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Braaper is a portable Bluetooth speaker that connects to a phone or music player, allowing users to play music wirelessly. Designed by leading Italian art designer Paolo Di Mauro to resemble a competition motorbike exhaust system, this small, Bluetooth enabled, portable motorsport inspired speaker delivers incredible sound.

Play music through Smartphone wirelessly or through mini-jack input

Use Braaper as a Speakerphone

Hear the roar of a motorcycle engine while starting it up or pumping up the volume at rev limiter

Connect 2 Braaper to have a stereo sound

Attach Braaper everywhere using standard sport cam supports

Braaper is a revolutionary speaker both in the technology it employs and its design. This makes it perfect for anyone who loves high-end, rich sound quality on the go. The design of Braaper was not an afterthought, but a key aspect of bringing this product to life. The creators have applied the same R&D approached used in motorsport to develop a groundbreaking speaker both in its features and design.

The man behind the creation of Braaper Maurizio Di Mauro loves motocross. He has ridden motocross for 30+ years and raced at the national level for 5 years. He created to fully embrace two of his great loves: new technology and motorcycles. Braaper stands as a salute to the PowerSport world and is also an expression of Maurizio’s passion for music, street dance and life.

At this stage, Maurizio Di Mauro and his team has already produced their design and prototypes. They have also patented the Braaper design in Italy, Europe, as well as the rest of the world. Funds raised through Limoney will be used for tooling, manufacturing, logistics, patent related issues, shipping, app development, and different international certifications.

Crowdfunding gives us also the opportunity to encourage people to participate in supporting the associations for injured riders.

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