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Max and the Magnificent Mustache: Whimsical New Kid's Book Proves a Big Hairy Deal Among Schoolchildren


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- The moral of Kristina Smith’s side-splitting new children’s book is simple; be careful what you wish for, because it might just come true. Imparting this bold message via an eight-year-old boy and his steadfast obsession with growing a mustache, author Kristina Smith has written what could be the children’s book of a generation.

‘Max and the Magnificent Mustache’ has it all; humor, a highly-relatable leading character and an important yet subtle life-lesson.


Max and the Magnificent Mustache is about Max an 8 year old boy who is obsessed with mustaches and he goes to great lengths to grow a mustache, even eating liver and onions.

One day he mysteriously grows a mustache and its everything he has ever wished for but as time goes by the mustache grows out of control, things get pretty hairy when nothing can tame his unruly whiskers. His mustache attracts the attention of The Bandeady Brothers Circus but they have more to offer Max than front row tickets to a show; they want to make Max and the mustache their star attraction.

When Max's parents refuse to let him join the circus the Bandeady Brothers concoct a plan to steal Max away...

To date the author has conducted a number of in-school readings, each resulting in dozens of captivated faces and a slew of overwhelmingly-positive ‘thank you’ letters.

“It was AMAZING to watch their faces and to hear what they had to say about the story. Some kids had alternate endings for me and new adventures for max. Some kids shared their deepest wishes, some were silly, some were serious, but wishes all the same. My book’s mission is to teach children that not everything you wish for is all it’s cracked up to be; so be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true!” says Smith.

Continuing, “The outpouring of support I received from all the children was very encouraging, so much so that I now looking to publish the book nationally. As many are aware, publishing and promotional costs are on the rise, so I’ve launched an exciting Kickstarter crowdfunding project to get things underway.”’

The campaign aims to raise the $6000 required to get the book on the shelves and for sale online. Those backing Smith will be thanked with wide range of rewards including printable printable mustaches and hand-written thank-you cards to hardcover copies of the book and even a lifetime membership to ‘The Very Fine Gentleman’s Mustache Society’.

The illustrations in the book are playful with a touch of nostalgia and even the dolls used in the artwork are hand-crafted by Illustrator Valentina Felce.. “I’ve written many children’s stories, but this is the first one in a series of Max books I am trying to publish. Therefore, I wanted to provide rewards that really convey the quirk and quips of the book. As one of the rewards Smith herself makes a mustache prop and signs it. This is a project that I’ve invested my heart and soul into and I can’t wait to share it with others,” Smith adds

Interested backers have until the end of July to show their support. To find out more and invest today, visit the book’s official Kickstarter campaign page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magnificentmustache/its-kind-of-a-big-hairy-deal

The book’s progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Author
Kristina Smith has spent many years in the wedding industry; as a wedding professional and writer. Dubbed Dr. Bride from her clients, with her blog weddingrehabwithdrbride.com she shared her tongue in cheek observations of the wedding industry; humorously addressing the emotional side of planning a wedding while delivering her own brand of tough love to brides, friends/ family of the bride and wedding professionals alike. Now author Kristina Smith has retreated into her happy place, she spends her days with her family, traveling and writing children’s stories, lots and lots of children’s stories!