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Max My Weight Loss - the Best Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

The Only Three Tips You’ll Ever Need to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- For all those struggling to lose weight in order to achieve a fit and healthy body, but unable to gte their weight moving on the scales can find help now. The online manual’ Max My Weight Loss’ by John Saeger, The Most Trusted Fitness Trainer, is a perfect read to get started.

This fitness guru has broken down effective weight loss in to 3 simple steps – Nutrition, Cardiovascular Training and Resistance Training, along with a heavy dose of Accountability and Motivation, without which losing weight will never ever be possible. Unplanned weight loss through quick, short term methods can result in many undesired side-effects and is never long-term, which is why Max My Weight Loss is a permanent solution that aims to help users lose weight the natural, healthy way and keep it off permanently.

“As a fitness and weight loss expert there is one question that I get asked more than any other question.“So what should I do to lose 15 pounds?” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that question from people anxiously waiting to hear the “magic” answer, where the truth is that a magic pill for weight loss doesn’t exist, and if it did I have no doubt that it would cause so many undesired side-effects that it would be quickly pulled off the shelves – but not before doing significant damage. Therefore, i decided to come up with ‘Max My Weight Loss’, an effective guide and manual that can help those struggling with weight loss and clarify their doubts about what is the best method to optimize their weight loss approach for faster, long lasting results”, says John Saeger.

Max Your Weight Loss throws light on 3 important aspects of weight loss:

- Nutrition – Explaining what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat.

- Cardiovascular Training – Explaining how to work out the heart to burn more calories, which exercises are best to achieve this and what to do to sweat out a little more.

- Resistance Training – Explaining what weight training exercises are the best, how weight machines, resistant bands and exercise balls can help and which muscles to use resistance against to help shed more weight.

Lastly he also explains that nothing is ever possible without Accountability and Motivation because lack of these is the main reason why most people fail in achieving their weight loss and fitness goals. He believes it is crucial to see these life altering changes as a part of one’s lifestyle, not just a quick-fix solution to lose weight right now.

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