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MaXD Manufactures Unique Tailor-Made Clothes


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2016 -- With a rich assortment of clothing available in the market nowadays, it seems easy to choose anything one might need. When it comes to shopping, however, it frequently turns out that a person cannot find something special, because all the clothes look similar. Realizing that, MaXD has decided to develop their own production of tailor-made clothes, which will stand out in the crowd.

MaXD is a credible company, which offers high quality and, what really matters, unique custom-made clothes to their clients. The assortment of clothing they offer for sale is quite rich and involves T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, wind coats, bandanas, towels, baseball caps, hats, throw blankets, scarves and other clothing items for customers of all ages. Each product is individually designed to cater to the needs, requirements and preferences of a client.

The specific "highlight" of MaXD collections is that each article of clothing is designed using the sign writing technique. This implies application of different logos, images and photos on the fabric. Customers are offered to look through the samples of ready-made products, choose the most suitable promo textiles, fabrics as well as examples of logos and designs that can be printed on their clothes. All the printing processes are held using special equipment provided by the foreign suppliers the company cooperates with.

As of today, MaXD offers four types of fabric printing techniques, namely silk printing, machine embroidery, sublimation and thermal transfer print. Apart from designing and manufacturing their own tailor-made clothes, the company also offers color printing on any pre-made clothing items. They have a rich selection of colors, logos, images, photos and designs that can be applied on their textile products. This is what the specialists working for the company tell about it: "The services we offer differ a lot from those provided by other companies. We pay special attention to the quality and health safety control of the products and materials used. That is one of the reasons of why our products are in demand with the customers nowadays".

For those, who wish to learn more about the products manufactured by the company and look through the samples, MaXD has provided their portfolio at the website. All the printing techniques are explained there in details as well to let the potential customers know what exactly they will eventually shop for.

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About MaXD
MaXD is a Russia-based manufacturer of tailor-made clothes, which do not only look unique, but are produced using special textile printing technologies. These include machine embroidery, silk printing, thermal transfer print and sublimation. The company manufactures different items of clothing, including T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, wind coats, bandanas, towels, baseball caps, hats, throw blankets, scarves and other products for clients of all ages. Customers are offered to choose a rich assortment of ready-made clothing as well as order other textile products they need. It is also possible to select the logo or design, the fabric and colors one prefers.

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