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Maximize Data Security with Transparent Tracking of User View History

Saber Solutions Announces Release of ezCloudAudit V2


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- As part of their commitment to continually enrich the CRM user experience, Saber Solutions, a cloud-based application developer, has announced the enrichment of ezCoudAudit’s core features. ezCloudAudit’s empowers users with the opportunity to quickly establish a complete chain of custody on proprietary data through a detailed audit trail. By creating an access record whenever a user views an object, ezCloudAudit provides an insightful look into CRM system usage and closes the loop on innate reporting capabilities.

Specifically this user-friendly add-in tracks user view history through detailed metrics tied to any standard or custom object. Easy to install, ezCloudAudit’s tracking and reporting features also extend to custom Visualforce pages . Precautionary measures can also be incorporated and may include alerts such as the flagging of a record when it is viewed by anyone other than the record owner. Ultimately, consumers of ezCloudAudit will be able to maintain a comprehensive understanding of their user’s viewing behaviors and rest assured that their data is completely secure.

“We understand that for many CRM users who manage sensitive data, maintaining its integrity is a paramount concern, ” expressed John Stewart, CEO at Saber Solutions. “With the incorporation of reporting functionality into ezCloudAudit’s repertoire of features, including the ability to extract and archive the information captured by the application, we have aspired to provide users with absolute data transparency.”

For further details and purchasing information about ezCloudAudit please visit the Salesforce AppExchange at, Keyword: ezCloudAudit.

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