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Work injuries are one of the most common reasons for disability preventing people from working


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- Paula Robinson demonstrates success working to protect the rights of injured workers across Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a long and proud working class history and was among the first states to prioritize the rights and protection of blue collar class workers when working on industrial lines and in manufacturing. The ability to provide for oneself and the motivation to put in a honest day's work is at the root of the American Dream and Paula Robinson is committed to protecting workers when something goes wrong and that opportunity is taken away unjustly.

Work Injuries

Work injuries are one of the most common reasons for disability preventing people from working. Following an injury at work, an employee may be faced with an uncertain future and have concerns about medical bills, the ability to provide for the family while away from work, and a painful and lengthy recovery. Depending on the severity of the injury, some workers may never recover completely or be unable to do the same type of work as prior to the injury, causing a reduction in potential earnings or even an inability to find employment.


Workers focusing on recovery may be confronted by employers attempting to reduce responsibility, avoid liability, or even persecute the employee for prior behaviors in an attempt to avoid any legal responsibility for the injury. This can be a very vulnerable time for workers; especially those hoping to recover enough to return to a prior position, and some can even be taken advantage of by the same company that is responsible for protecting them. After an injury, it is beneficial to seek legal assistance to protect all rights and avoid any loss of workers’ compensation benefits possibly entitled to, which include wage loss and medical benefits.

Employee Rights & Laws

Safety laws and protections have increased substantially in the past fifty years, however injuries are still a daily part of the workplace for many industries. Some positions are exposed to increased risk simply due to the nature of the career. Mining, construction, and transit workers are faced with a daily risk of injury due to the nature of the industry, but when something goes wrong and an employee is injured, it is vital to be enabled to collect the benefits owed. Families should never be faced with poverty or foreclosure due to the injury of a breadwinner in the line of work.

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