Maximus Vending

Maximus Vending Announces a 138% Increase in January Sales

With the addition on new machines late in January, Maximus Vending expects growth to further accelerate.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) --01/31/2012 -- Maximus Vending LLC, a vender of candy and toy products in Shreveport Louisiana, announces an increase of over 138% in the month of January. From January 1, 2012 through January 28, 2012, sales were performing well above expectations. Benefiting the rapid growth in the month of January was the late placement of 2 candy machines, as well as several locations performing above expectation.

Keith Hudson, managing partner at Maximus Vending states, "These are certainly exciting times for Maximus Vending. During the month of January, we had 2 machines that came online late and so far are performing well beyond expectations. Along with that, we anticipate up to 4 machines to be placed throughout the month of February. Based on these developments, I expect our rapid rates of growth to continue." Maximus Vending anticipates to deliver over 30 machines into the Shreveport - Bossier market by the end of 2012. Maximus Vending donates 10% of all their sales to the Shreveport, LA chapter of Meals on Wheels. Maximus Vending anticipates the delivery of 2 additional machines in the month of February.

About Maximus Vending LLC
Maximus Vending LLC was founded in 2011 to help place high quality candy products throughout the Shreveport-Bossier City market. Maximus Vending has teamed up with the Caddo Council of Aging and will donate 10% of all products sold to the Shreveport chapter of "Meals on Wheels". Maximus Vending currently has 13 machines on location, with 4 additional machines in stock awaiting placement.