Joe Bragg Helps Connect U.K. Consumers With Instant Online Payday Loans


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- The cost of living gets more expensive every year. For hardworking U.K. citizens, scraping by from paycheck to paycheck leaves no room for other expenses. When somebody experiences an emergency, they may need to borrow cash as soon as possible. wants to help by providing access to payday loans in the United Kingdom. The company has designed its website to be as fast and as straightforward as possible. Those who need financing right away can simply click the ‘Apply Now’ button, while those who require more information about payday UK loans can read some of the editorial content that has to offer.

Loan applicants will appreciate the upfront disclosure of the interest rates on any payday loan. Visitors to the website can use a slider to determine exactly how much it will cost to take out a £80 to £1000 loan. According to, borrowing £300.00 today will cost £75.00 in interest over a two-week period.

Payday loans come in all shapes and sizes, and the MaxiPaydayLoans website provides information on several different types of loans. A header menu helps users navigate to various areas of the website that describe each loan. For example, clicking on the ‘Guaranteed Payday Loans’ link will take visitors to a page which describes how some payday loans can be guaranteed.

Similarly, clicking on the ‘Perfect Payday Loans’ site helps borrowers narrow down a list of lenders by using a number of qualifying factors. Specifically, the article states that borrowers can find the perfect payday loan by ranking lenders based on online presence, perks and rewards, interest rates, and number of other important factors. wants to help those seeking instant online financing in the United Kingdom. The site allows borrowers to apply for financing instantly. But for those who want to learn a little more about payday loans before applying, has valuable resources available as well.

Ultimately, wants to be the first place U.K. consumers turn to when they need fast, easy payday loan financing. Whether prospective borrowers need information about loans or they simply want an instant application process, the website runs 24 hours a day to provide people with the financing they need.

About seeks to provide clear, no-nonsense payday loan information to prospective borrowers in the United Kingdom. The website features a number of articles that provide U.K. citizens with the information they need to make an intelligent choice on their personal financing goals.

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