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Grimsby, Lincs -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- Parents and teachers are always looking for ways to boost their children’s educational development. Thanks to MaxScholar, many of them have had great results when it comes to meeting that need. Now, even more folks will be able to take advantage of these programs, thanks to a free trial offer from MaxScholar’s new and improved website.

MaxScholar offers a variety of programs for a variety of young people, including struggling learners, gifted and talented students, ELL learners, and those who thrive in a blended learning environment. These include MaxPhonics, MaxWords, and MaxReading. Students are able to progress through MaxScholar at their own pace, so there is no pressure for them to speed up or slow down. In addition, these games are visually attractive and engaging, making them perfect for kids of all ages.

The MaxPhonics literacy program, which uses the Orton Gillingham method, helps students learn about the alphabet and how letters are pronounced. It activates and uses every part of the brain and creates new neural pathways, which helps people retain knowledge better.

MaxWords helps students put letters together to form words by learning word parts. Students learn words more easily when they learn about such things as prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek roots, syllabication, and spelling rules.

MaxReading helps to improve reading comprehension and teaches students to highlight, outline, and summarize readings. This program includes 13 levels of difficulty based on age and skill level; highlighters; comprehension questions; and a “read aloud” feature.

MaxScholar also offers a number of other programs to help children learn about the world around them. For example, for students who may not find reading and writing exciting may instead like MaxMusic, which also helps memory retention. MaxVocab is a dictionary with thousands of words, plus interactive games. With MaxPlaces, children learn about the world around them. MaxBios tells the stories of fascinating people of the past and present.

The MaxScholar’s educational programs have produced results in one New York School. Before MaxScholar, third grade students at Emily Dickinson School received failing grades on standardized tests; after a year of spending two and a half hours with MaxScholar’s tools, the same students received passing grades in their fourth grade years.

The educational experts have helped students of all ages and levels improve their abilities by two levels in as little as 90 days.

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