MAXSCHOLAR's Reading Software Contributes to Dramatic Improvement in Educational Academic Achievement

New Software Provide New Reading and Phonics Solution for Students


Clinton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- MaxScholar, one of the leading companies in the e-learning sector, announced today dramatic contribution that its reading software had on helping Three Lakes Academy improve its performance in the Educatational Academic Achievement according to the independent study conducted by QWK2LRN. The software allows users to more easily improve their reading skills and also instill confidence in struggling readers and getting them to read at grade level and beyond.

An independent study conducted by QWK2LRN shows a school that used the software, intensely improved the Educational Academic Achievement (EAA) of their students. In fact, several schools are already exploring the idea of incorporating this software as part of their course.

“We implemented MaxScholar software as an intervention program in Fall of 2013 at Three Lakes Academy in Clinton Michigan as part of their Reading and Math Program, QSM (QWK2LRN Scientific Method). Three Lakes Academy had tested in the 0% percentile in Reading and Math is a Priority School,” said James. “Our MaxScholar contribution to the QSM Reading program recently moved the 3rd grade cohort at a Michigan Zero Percentile school to the 90th percentile on the MEAP in one school year.”

In addition to this new software, all of MaxScholar’s interactive content – including monitoring tool, easy implementation model – are now available to aid students read at any level and boost their confidence. This software has helped move a zero percentile school to the 90th percentile in Reading in one school year.

Finally, the improved web-based software platform allows users to use it successfully with diverse settings on different devices.

This reading software possesses the following features:

- Affordable and adaptable to your child, school, or community.
- Ideal for struggling readers, ELL, ESOL, Title I, SES, after school, learning disabilities, and more.
- A web-based solution accessible on all devices.
- Easy implementation with our professional development and customer service
- Original content developed by our diverse staff of professionals.
- Assessment and reporting tools available and many more...

Creating new methods of reading and phonics is the principal focus of MaxScholar. The software is the perfect tool for studying and engaging K-12 instructional content. Due to its flexibility as a web-based software, it works on virtually all devices, allowing educators, - and even students – to easily access the software for use online anywhere they are located in the world.

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