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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 --, a website designed to educate people about Max Workouts HIIT program by Shin Ohtake and other fitness information, has big plans for the upcoming year 2015. The team has unveiled that from 2015 the website will feature new and upgraded content such as program reviews, workouts and nutrition information. The website will be entering a new phase in which a larger audience will be addressed and the loyal readers will have access to information that will help make 2015 the best fitness year yet.

Max Workouts Guide owner Noah said about the forthcoming updates: "We are excited about the expected overhaul for 2015 to the Max Workouts Guide website. Our readers can look forward to a large variety of updated and new program reviews, lean body diet information, and new categories to address a larger audience of readers. "He added that the new categories which are expected to be incorporated to the website include workouts for women, workouts for men, diet and nutrition, fat loss tips, and product reviews.

Currently, Max Workout Guide has been a website that has helped many fitness enthusiasts learn more about HIIT (high intensity interval training), a method which is effective for both losing weight and toning muscles. Max Workouts Guide has recently published an in depth review of the Max Workouts program's effectiveness as a fitness plan that features 30 minute full body workout routines which are suitable for both men and women. The website is all about harnessing the changes brought on due to scientific research and development in the various ways people work out, lose weight and stay fit, it hopes to continue educating people about easy to follow ways of maximizing their fitness efforts through workouts like the 30 minute total body workouts in Shin Ohtake's High Intensity Max Workouts Fitness Program. HIIT 30 minute workouts are advantageous because different muscle groups can be targeted in a workout and also accelerate weight loss with minimal time commitment.

Information featured on the website will continue to benefit both men and women but in the future Noah hopes to add content that is geared towards both genders such as diets and workouts created especially for women and men separately.

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