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May 15 to 17: 3 Studios in 3 Days - Fox, Warner Bros, and the Lot


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- In this class, meet Hollywood producers in a a close encounter setting on the studio lot. This is your chance to gain insight from the inside. Discover how and why movies are made. MeetHollywoodExecs is the only place to get the inside scoop from the actual Top Hollywood Execs. See the list of invited guests below.

15 GUESTS IN 3 DAYS AT 3 DIFFERENT STUDIOS – Fox Studios, Warner Brothers Studios and the Lot studios

For an ADDITIONAL $99 A Day of Pitching and Coaching will be added on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 along with a visit to the Jay Leno, Tonight show on the late afternoon of May 14. We have confirmed that we are talking to two of the writers from the Tonight Show. There is a possibility that Jay Leno may join us since he has in the past.

Invited guests from the offices of Fox Searchlight (Argo) Fox 2000 (Life of Pi) Neil Patrick Harris, Fox 21 (Homeland, Russell Brand/Branded Films, James Franco /RabbitBandini Productions, Steve Carell/Carousel Productions, etc.) All guests will accept a one sheet synopsis from all writers. Meets May 15-17. First meeting is in Hollywood. Guest subject to availability.

Limited to 18 seats $445.
$395 Extended discount

Now, you can and will be introduced to top Hollywood executives.

Limited Seats available!

What you can learn:

- How executives make decisions
- How executives chose writers
- The traits that good writers possess (heard directly from executives and producers)
- What causes executives to buy scripts
- Avenues on how a writer transitions to a director
- How producers hire writers for assignments (many are hired through Sherwood Oaks)
- How to get your script to producers without an agent (no representation required) – check out Sherwood Oaks One Sheet Method
- What is happening in the current market (find out what is hot)
- Inside secrets and strategies to help you succeed in your Hollywood career
and much more …

- A bonus day of pitching and coaching and the TONIGHT SHOW on Tuesday, May 14 for ADDITIONAL $99 SOLD OUT!

Just like in every Sherwood Oaks’ class, you will be able to give a one-sheet to nearly every guest.

You will meet numerous heads of production and studio companies, increase your knowledge, and network. The list of executives includes vice-presidents, presidents, CEOs, and major executives.

You will get an opportunity to go to 3 studio lots, most likely Fox Warner Brothers. and The Lot Studios.

Guests subject to availability, No specific guest is guaranteed.

Logistics for the class: If you do not have a car and are new to LA, we recommend staying in Hollywood.

See our accommodations for more information.

Note: Logos pictured above are from companies that have participated in Sherwood Oaks classes. Their logos do not represent an endorsement.

These are some of the guests that attended the previous SOLD-OUT classes:

-President of Fox Searchlight*
- Alcon Entertainment (The Blindside, Insomnia)
- Jerry Bruckheimer Films (Pirates of the Caribbean)
- Relativity (Cowboys & Aliens)
- Chuck Gordon (Die hard, Field of Dreams, Daybreak)
- Summit (Twilight Saga, The Hurt Locker)
- Village Roadshow (Sherlock Holmes)
- Mark Gordon Company (Grey’s Anatomy, Source Code)
- Morgan Creek (The Good Shepherd)
- Rob Carliner (Crazy Heart, Broken Trail)
- Ed Saxon (Silence of the Lambs)
- Barry Josephson (Bones)
- David Permut (Face Off)
- Tom Cruise’s Former Producing Partner of 13 years
- David Blackman, Sr VP, Larry Mark Productions (Julie and Julia)
- Lynda Obst, (Hot in Cleveland, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Contact)
- Michael DeLuca (Moneyball)
- Hawk Koch, President, Academy Awards
- Matthew Rhodes, President, Mandalay Vision
- Clint Culpepper, President, Screen Gems
- Randall Emmett, President, Cheetah Vision (Rambo)
- Dennis Stratton, Revolution Films (Snow White & The Huntsman)
- David Permut (Face Off)
- Mark Gill, President, Millennium Films (Law Abiding Citizen, Under the Tuscan Sun)
- Hal Liberman (Terminator 3)

Fox Searchlight has bought most of the low-budget movies that have become commercial successes and become academy award winners such as Little Miss Sunshine, Black Swan, Crazy Heart, Slumdog Millionaire, Juno, Cedar Rapids, 500 Days of Summer and Sideways. Don’t miss out!

Sherwood Oaks has had every studio president attend, as well as many high profile company presidents, including those of:

- Disney
- Dreamworks (Frank Marshall)
- Fox (Larry Mark, Larry Gordon, Bill Mechanic)
- Sony (Amy Pascal, Pres, and Jeff Blake, co-chairman, Sam Dickerman, Senior VP)
- Paramount (Michelle Manning, Brandon Tartikoff – also of NBC and a former Sherwood Oaks student)
- Warner Brothers (Alan Horn, Peter Guber)
- Universal
- United Artists (Mike Medavoy)
- Revolution Pictures
- Daybreak Productions
- Red Wagon (Doug Wick)
- Jerry Bruckheimer
- Barry Josephson
- Mark Johnson
- Academy Awards (Sid Gannis)
And many other company executives have attended…

We also invite presidents of independent companies, since they tend to be open to new writers.

This class gives a rare inside look at Hollywood, as top film and TV executives reveal how decisions are made. They explains who is hired and why. The steps they go through to make a film. This allows aspiring writers, filmmakers, and producers a valuable opportunity to glean insight as to how to break into the industry or develop a stronger foothold in their current career. It is an amazing learning experience. The class is small enough that questions can be asked and new connections are often developed. In addition, we invite top executives of both high and low budget films while the emphasis of this class is high-budget films.

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