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Maya Slim Ideal Post Lipo Supplement, the Newest Weight Loss Metabolic Trainer Available


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Maya Slim, an herbal weight loss supplement manufactured by Human Health Institute is the newest metabolic trainer available. It is rich in double antioxidants and is ideal for cavitation, lipo contour and metabolic improvement treatment.

The manufacturer is glad to offer the product, as it is the output of long-life and extensive research. The company claims that Maya Slim cleanses the body and reduces anxiety, as it is rich in mood enhancers, which keep the body active all throughout the day. This facilitates fat burning process through sweating. The product also contains a high concentration of natural extracts and one capsule is equal to 8-10 capsules, based on a hundred percent purity.

The newest optimal weight loss generation enables usage of green tea and caffeine twice a day. Studies show that this is the recommended choice of lipo contour and cavitation specialists and weight loss clinics. To ensure that Human Health Institute will be able to meet the set standards of fitness experts and specialists, they have incorporated the said recommendations.

With the green tea and caffeine contained in Maya Slim capsules, the product can effectively burn fat and make you consume foods just few times a day, control your metabolic rate and lessen anxiety, prevent any mood swings and take effect as quick as 24 hours.

Maya Slim is designed to be taken before lunch and one before dinner every other day. The manufacturer strictly advises that the right dose must be followed in order to prevent any unwanted side effects. The capsule can also be taken with tea or coffee each time.

Maya Slim comes in different packaging and number of content, so it also varies in price. Interested buyers can view the different price ranges of the product in its website. They can also watch the video testimonials of previous buyers who have tried it.

With the rising popularity of Maya Slim when it comes to aiding in weight loss and in providing metabolic improvement treatment, it is expected to double its sales worldwide in the next coming months.

For more information about Maya Slim and its offered benefits when it comes to weight loss, visit Human Health Institute’s website at Interested individuals can also visit its office address at 1756 SW 8TH Street Suite 201 Miami, FL. 33135.