MAYAslim: The Ideal Post Cavitation Treatment Supplement Formulated to Assist Metabolism Launches


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- An all-natural supplement promoted by the Human Health Institute, called MAYAslim, is now being offered at a two-for-one special during the month of January. The supplement is designed to assist in controlling anxiety and curbing appetite at night.

MAYAslim contains caralluma fibrata, which reduces appetite for 4 to 6 hours, and the supplement also contains natural endorphin boosters to reduce the anxiety associated with changing eating habits. It also contains other natural extracts to assist cleansing the liver and colon. The entire concept is to teach the bodies of women and men to metabolize better. Many experts and doctors agree that unless persons change their eating habits the results of cavitation of liposuction are simply not preserved.

Most slim women and men eat a healthy breakfast, and then eat small quantities of nutritious meals all day. At night, these people choose to limit their portions of food. MAYAslim offers the best of both worlds: reducing appetite at night, increasing appetite in the morning and helping to reduce anxiety. This helps your body learn better techniques of metabolizing food.

The following are the advantages of MAYAslim:

- Controls metabolism
- Regulates appetite at night
- Raises the levels of endorphins, which is a natural mood enhancer
- Raises appetite in morning to encourage eating a healthy breakfast
- Formulated with natural ingredients
- Ideal for training metabolism

Human Health Institute LLC states that it only provides concentrated active ingredients in its products, so people choose to purchase these high-quality products. Even though this quality increases the price, clients over the years have maintained a 99% satisfaction rate with the company's products.

The company wants to remind customers that, during the month of January, all orders of MAYAslim shall be doubled – buy one, get one free!

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