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Mayflower Electronics Receives Kripparrian Review of Their Objective2 + ODAC Combo

Kripparrian is known throughout YouTube for his independent and insightful YouTube reviews, and has recently published a review of Mayflower Electronics’ innovative audio products.


Amsterdam, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Audio is one of the two most essential senses, together with sight, and is arguably one we make equal use of in our everyday lives. It is also responsible for some of the most pleasurable experiences we have, including listening to music, stories, drama and more. As a result, high quality audio can make all the difference to a user experience. Mayflower Electronics specializes in innovating products that create high quality audio for the consumer. The company recently sent one of their products to YouTube Vlogger and gamer Kripparrian, who reviewed the product on his YouTube Channel.

The YouTube video here is an unpackaging and first impressions review of Mayflower Electronics’ Objective2 + ODAC combo headphone amplifier, which converts digital audio signals to analogue to give a richer, more human sound. Kripparrian used the device in a gaming context and discovered numerous advantages to the way in which sound was leveled and presented.

When listening to music, Kripparrian found his favorite tracks sounded incredible through the converter in a huge range of genres, from folk to death metal, and found the improvements emotionally stirring. What’s more, trying the product helped him understand its value.

A spokesperson for Mayflower Electronics explained, “Mayflower Electronics is pleased and proud to be producing high quality audio equipment for the general consumer market, and also innovating products that modern consumers have a use for that perhaps do not yet exist. As well as selling a very select range of our best recommended products, we also have the privilege of developing custom items which include the Objective2 + ODAC combo headphone amplifier, which plugs in easily via USB to make an instant difference to sound quality. Kripparrian was very genuine in his review of the product and we were delighted that he was so taken aback by the difference this single device could make to his aural experience.”

About Mayflower Electronics
Mayflower Electronics is a small business based out of Upstate NY. They specialize in high quality audio equipment without the huge price tag. Their products are affordable and among the highest quality equipment available in the industry. They regularly encourage ideas from customers to inform their research and development of innovative new products.

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