Mazichand’s Fluffy Slime Kit

Mazichand's Fluffy Slime Kit, a Creative Craft Kit for Boys and Girls

Helps the Kids to Explore their Creativity, Develop Motor Skills, Boost Eye-Hand Coordination and Improves Concentration Skills


Anishabad, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2019 -- Mazichand's is pleased to present their Fluffy Slime Kit, a clean and super stretchy slime. What makes this slime different from others is that it is not gooey, sticky or messy like most of the other slimes available in the market today. Priced at just $11.99, this slime kit is an excellent gifting option for boys and girls of age 3 years and above. Click on to buy the product on Amazon. Many experts and kindergarten teachers believe that slime is a sensory material and it is good to introduce it to preschoolers. At first they explore, discover and experiment with the unique substance that they have never been able to experience before.

The benefits of gifting the Mazichand's Fluffy Slime Kit are:

- Get the children to sit for longer period of time. This product is extremely useful for children who are hyper active, cannot sit in one place for a few minutes and for kids who cannot concentrate on anything for more than a minute.

- Excellent family activity. The entire family can sit together and enjoy creating different shapes and helping the children with more ideas. Moms and daughters or fathers and sons; they can easily bond over game of slimes.

- Encourages creativity. Slime activities always encourage the creativity and imagination in the kids. They make different shapes out of the slime and with the right tools they can even explore different aspects of slime.

- Enhances coordination between the hand and eye. It is also a great way to make better use of the sensory organs especially with touch and smell.

- Stress relief. Children also undergo through stress even if they cannot express. These kinds of products will help them tackle stress and negativity in the right channel.

The Mazichands-Fluffy-Slime-Kit/dp/B00O9QGENS is an excellent gift for birthdays and other occasions such as Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving and more. Motivate the children with this gift when they achieve something great in their school. It could also be a group activity during sleepovers, birthday parties, nanny hours, etc. Invite the child's friends over and give the group this activity. They will not only enjoy playing with slime but will also learn how to interact, share and socialize with one another.

"My 6 year old twin daughters got this for Christmas and wow, have we had fun! Our first slime experience, so I was hesistant – I am neither handy nor science oriented – but it was easy", says Sheryl Jeffers who bought this product for her daughters.

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About Mazichand's Fluffy Slime Kit
Mazichand's Fluffy Slime Kit is a creative crafting tool for both boys and girls. The kit consists of 12 multi-color scented slimes, 5 types of glitters, 1 pack of mixed color foam balls, 1 pack of foam balls, 2 spatulas, fruit slicers, fruit molds and many more.

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