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MBAProjectSearch Proves MBAs' Immense Value to Bootstrapping Start-Ups

Just eight months after launch, MBAProjectSearch.com has placed hundreds of talented MBAs with cash-strapped start-ups requiring world-class project and internship assistance. With thousands of MBA registrants that are eager to prove their worth in the workplace, the site is serving as a saving grace to helping both MBA students and graduates gain practical experience with businesses in a myriad of industries.


Washington, D.C. -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- The recent economic climate presents a frustrating paradox for growing companies that can’t afford the highly-skilled consultants to help them flourish. However, thanks to a ground-breaking service that launched eight months ago, MBAs have an immense opportunity to join these companies and prove their skills in the workplace.

MBAProjectSearch.com allows any business to contract top-tier MBA students and graduates on a project-by-project basis. The site has already placed hundreds of MBAs in internships, freelance and part/full-time placements. These have included a part-time CFO for a fashion company, a freelance healthcare consultant and numerous positions in business plan development, market research and corporate analysis.

The site was founded by Dan Mullaney, who saw and understood the disconnect between the in-demand skills of MBAs and budget-conscious companies who required knowledgeable assistance.

“I studied for my MBA at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. It was on a class project trip to Dubai that I had the ‘light bulb’ idea of creating a website that connects MBAs to employment opportunities around the world. The mutual-benefit idea was certainly unique and fed the demand for both highly-skilled workers at a discount price, along with thousands of MBAs looking to get practical experience,” says Mullaney.

The website’s basic services are free to both employers and MBAs, with ‘featured projects’ able to benefit from prominent placement, promotion among the site’s 50,000+ Twitter followers and inclusion in their weekly newsletter for just $99.99.

“We have thousands of MBA students and graduates already registered; the knowledge pool among them is phenomenal. Consider what they could bring to a company; obtaining talent for under $100 is impressive. It can cost thousands alone just to recruit an MBA-qualified individual through traditional channels,” Mullaney adds.

Darryl Glover, a graduate of Chicago Booth, is one individual who has benefited greatly from the website’s services. After initially using MBAProjectSearch.com to secure a temporary consulting position, which grew into an open-ended opportunity, he is adamant that the website will serve as a boon to others in his position.

“I think the site is definitely something that people need to look into because of the wealth of opportunities to work either remotely or to go to another geographic location to gain work experience,” he explains.

Due to the site’s early success, Mullaney and his team of four have recently announced the launch of Opportunity Oracle, an innovative new MBA job search tool that sources over one hundred thousand suitable job listings.

With their service attracting more MBAs and employers each month, along with growing attention from the media, Mullaney is excited about what lies ahead.

“We have plans to continue improving our current services, as well as innovate and find new ways to connect MBAs with companies that need their skills. The internet has truly revolutionized how this works and our first year in business has more than proven how well the model works,” he adds.

To find out more, visit: http://www.mbaprojectsearch.com

About MBAProjectSearch.com
MBAProjectSearch.com offers businesses a key opportunity to secure top-tier talent on a project-by-project basis, while simultaneously offering MBA graduates and students a chance to gain extra skills and pay outside their internships or full-time jobs.

The company is staffed by a team of leading business professionals who recognized a gap in opportunity for MBAs and businesses.