MBS Standoffs

MBS Standoffs Adds New Satin Stainless Steel Square Standoffs to Inventory


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- MBS-Standoffs has launched its new line of satin square standoffs into the inventory. The satin-brushed stainless design is an aesthetic pleasure to behold and an equally durable & functional accessory for all your signage and mounting needs. Also new this year are the Aluminum Adjustable Edge Grip Line of standoffs. Both can be purchased in the colors of anodized gold, clear, or black.

The sleek and stylish standoffs illuminates any sign in any context which benefits from an upgraded sense of professionalism. Their use attracts potential or real customers and clients, with subtle nuances of credible “showcasing.” Having an almost 3D effect on our perception, they complement the sign’s integrity, clarity, and composition. Form and function intermix to create a sense of beauty which goes beyond the sign itself.

With their huge diversity of standoffs, accessories, and data plans, the organization lives by its logo and motto: MBS: M for "memorable" and valued customer service, B for "best" prices with largest variety of standoffs and S for "same day" shipping!

The online catalog of MBS is comprehensive and diversified -- offering a plethora of standoffs, as well as their accompanying accessories. At a robust 96 pages -– MBS clearly rules the standoff playing field in terms of variety and the range of products. Coupled with the lowest prices in the market, MBS is an exemplary organization of quality and professional credibility.

For individuals with a sense of the exquisite, organizations wanting to upgrade their interior or exterior sense of professionalism, beauty & credibility, or stores and businesses wanting a special feel which indulges the client or customer’s sense of visual appeal, MBS will help you find the right standoffs to compliment your personal or working atmosphere with a stand out sense of ambiance.