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MBS Standoffs Announces 15 Percent Promotion on Glass Signs


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- MBS Standoffs this week announced that it will run a limited promotion on glass signs. The news comes after the release of a recent study on luxury brand signs that suggests the use of certain materials conveys elegance or leaves a favorable first impression.

The recurring theme among the luxury brands examined is the use of metallic surface, bold and simple signs, backlights and the use of glass. To increase awareness of this fact, MBS Standoffs has dedicated the promo code "glass15" to be used for a limited time for a 15% discount on glass sign hardware.

Glass signage in the premises of the business is an opportunity to leave the customer with a certain image in mind and to communicate clear information on the services or products on offer. Established businesses looking to breathe fresh air into their brands can draw inspiration from how the luxury brands do it by upgrading their signage using glass.

Glass has seen a rise in architectural and engineering applications and their adoption to various other settings convey a minimalist and modern look. Using glass signage is sending the message that the brand is keeping up with the times. Glass also conveys transparency and exudes elegance by simplicity. It also keeps the distraction of frames and borders to a minimum and lets the viewer focus on the company’s message or the brand image they want to project. Businesses would also want to make the signage visible at night by using LED lights and keep the installation in place by using tamper-proof stand-offs or stainless steel cable systems.

Glass is seeing widespread application not just in commercial and industrial settings, but also in residential living spaces. Private artworks are increasingly displayed using flat and tempered glass secured by stylish stand-offs. Even simple works of art get an edgy look when displayed on glass, a method that is seeing similar adoption in retail settings where products that want to differentiate themselves from close competitors are showcased in acrylic if not glass cases.

Using glass as the main material for signage is cost-effective in regard to enhancing the brand or company image while providing plenty of choices for size, shape and support. Glass signage is easy to install and painless to maintain.

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