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McAdams Pet Foods Introduce New Website Design


East Sussex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2016 -- McAdams Pet Foods announced today the release of their brand new website. This new website design means customers are able to find their products easier while the company has the opportunity of exposing the full extent of the brand through increased brand awareness.

McAdams Pet Foods doesn't use the traditional ingredients seen in many pet food products today. Instead of grains, meat meal and stripped carcasses, McAdams Pet Foods use whole free range fresh chickens minus the offal, head and feet. All chickens are harvested from DEFRA approved, ethical UK farms.

Without the integration of the traditional ingredients, products from McAdams Pet Foods are more natural and tolerable for most dog breeds without the common side effects of sickness that some other dog food brands can create in some pets. Because whole fresh chickens are used, products from McAdams Pet Foods provide a high source of natural protein which can enhance vitality, energy and overall health.

Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs, the products from McAdams Pet Foods are ideal for all the stages of a dog's life. What this means is that it's ideal for puppies right through to their adult and senior life. Manufactured in refined and small kibble pieces, McAdams Pet Foods has made sure that all dogs are taken into consideration. Their dog food is suitable for smaller breeds such as Fox Terriers to the larger breeds like a German Sheppard.

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About McAdams Pet Foods
McAdams Pet Foods is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality and healthiest dog food products on the market today. If you would like more information about our products, please contact one of our professional team members at McAdams Pet Foods today.

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