McAllister Heating & Air Conditioning Now Offers Whole House Comfort Checkups for New Jersey Residents


Somers Point, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- There is no better time than now to inquire about McAllister Heating & Air Conditioning’s new Whole House Comfort Checkup. For those who believe that they are in need of a thorough home evaluation of their heating and air conditioning system can feel comfortable over the course of the cold, dreary months in New Jersey from the help of this checkup. A professional contractor from McAllister will take their time in examining every inch of the HVAC system using advanced tools to test their effectiveness. If one is questioning the effectiveness of a hot water heater in their Cherry Hill, NJ, home, this Whole House Checkup will do just the trick.

If one happens to be experiencing cold water after the toilet has been flushed, or the hot water seems to run out quickly, there may be a problem with the hot water in one’s Egg Harbor City home. Any issues a homeowner may have with their heating and air conditioning unit can cause inconveniences; however, don’t fret because the trained consultants at McAllister will be able to diagnose any problematic issues they find. During a Whole House Checkup, homeowners can expect an initial consultation allowing their consultants to use any valuable information that may help them in the diagnosis process. As a homeowner, if one has ever noticed hot or cold spots in a room, dry or humid air, or through the roof utility bills, it can be resolved and have those living comfortably as they should.

By testing every piece of equipment in the heating and cooling system, McAllister consultants will be able to determine if a hot water heaters in Cherry Hill are safe enough to use, or if a new one should be installed. Some homeowners or family members may suffer from asthma or allergies, but with the Whole House Checkup that McAllister now offers, people will be able to identify any problems that could be contributing to any health concerns. The thorough inspection of the home includes many other aspects such as insulation inspection, airflow diagnosis, air leak evaluation, airflow capture test, personalized improvement plan, and an Infiltrometer blower door test. Homeowners in New Jersey will now be able to live in a home that improves health, efficiency and comfort levels throughout all times of the year.

About McAllister
McAllister is a family owned and family run, that has never lost sight of the fact that they are in the business of serving people... not equipment. They set a high standard for the products they sell and for the personnel they employ. They pledge to their customers from the Jersey Shore to Philadelphia and their surrounding suburbs. McAllister offers services anywhere from oil & gas heating, ductless air conditioning to heat pumps and hot water heaters. They believe every homeowner has a right to live comfortably and will strive to make sure that is possible.

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