McAllister…The Service Company Announces Benefits of Switching to Energy Efficient Water Heaters


Somers Point, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- McAllister…The Service Company performs water heater repair in Atlantic County, Gloucester and surrounding counties of New Jersey during the height of the summer season. Often times, they show up to a property to see an outdated water heater that is falling apart. Property owners may be in denial of having their water heater repaired or replaced, whether it is due to the cost or time consumption. However, switching over to an energy efficient water heater is essential for preventative measure in ensuring emergency repair costs are reduced to nothing.

According to McAllister…The Service Company, energy efficient water heaters can not only save a little more each month, but eventually add up to giant annual savings. The upfront cost associated with installing a brand new, energy efficient water heater can seem steep at first, but after a few months of savings, customers will find their purchase covered in costs. Costs and energy is saved because the new water heater can use less energy to heat water and keep it at a constant temperature for much longer than an older model water heater that uses outdated materials to retain the heat inside the tank.

Before things begin to worsen, property owners should consider replacing their water heater. McAllister…The Service Company is currently accepting scheduled estimates for water heater repair in Gloucester, NJ, and surrounding areas. To contact the company, please call their Somers Point office at 800-781-0445 or their Pennsauken office at 800-483-4906. The company can also be reached via the online contact form found on their website.

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