McAllister…The Service Company Announces Humidification Services to Beat Dry Effects of Heat


Somers Point, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- With the winter months looming, McAllister…The Service Compan y announces humidification services for the home. Humidification is a process that emits water vapor into the room to augment levels of humidity. Increasing the moisture in the home is considered a good idea due to the prolonged months of dry heat exposure. During the winter, dry air indoors exacerbates skin problems like eczema and often worsens asthma. These conditions, along with cracked skin and lips are symptoms that humidification helps to relieve.

McAllister… The Service Company offers this humidification service to keep moisture levels in a home steady all winter long. The company offers whole-house humidification as well as single room humidification through a variety of featured Honeywell products. Their range of zoning products controls temperatures in unused rooms and in spaces that are more habituated. This attention to space usage increases efficiency and lowers energy expenditures. Incidentally, the company recommends closing off unused rooms to save on heating costs.

In addition to humidification services, McAllister…The Service Company offers heater repair in Voorhees, NJ. Also, schedule an appointment for humidification service or heater repair in Gloucester, NJ online or call McAllister… The Service Company now before the long dark days of winter arrive.

About McAllister…The Service Company
McAllister…The Service Company is a family owned and family run organization that has never lost sight of the fact that they are in the business of serving people...not equipment. They set a high standard for the products they sell and for the personnel they employ. They pledge to their customers an old-fashioned work ethic, a commitment to superior customer service, the application of state-of-the-art comfort technologies and value-added products and services.

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