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McCafferty Funeral Home Now Offering Pre-Arranged Funerals This January 2014

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Although it is not something anyone wants to think about, a funeral is something that everyone will have to plan at some point. Losing a loved one is always extremely difficult. However, there are certain steps that family members or friends can take to ensure a smooth funeral process. Furthermore, individuals can plan their own funeral ahead of time. This allows for peace of mind and a lot less pressure on loved ones. Whether an individual wants to plan their own funeral ahead of time or a loved one would like to be prepared ahead of time, McCafferty Funeral Home is now offering pre-arranged funerals this upcoming January 2014.

A pre-arranged funeral takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of family and friends. The professionals at McCafferty Funeral Home understand that losing a loved one is extremely hard and pre-planning a funeral can help lessen the already stressful time. McCafferty Funeral Home has proudly served the greater Philadelphia for over four decades. Over the years, McCafferty Funeral Home has learned a lot and pre-arranged funerals have proven to be an extremely useful option. Having a conversation about a pre-arranged funeral may seem difficult, but the professionals at McCafferty Funeral Home have found that the preparation leads to a sense of comfort for everyone involved.

Many individuals and their loved ones do not know about everything involved when planning a funeral. There are a number of things to think about when planning a funeral. McCafferty Funeral Home wants nothing more than for an individual’s loved ones to be able to support one another during the grieving process. That is why McCafferty Funeral Home will work with the family long every step of the way both before and during the funeral process.

About McCafferty Funeral Home
McCafferty Funeral Home opened up in December of 1970 and has had the honor to handle many high profile funerals including longtime Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas. Although taking care of these funerals is a tremendous honor, the owner of McCafferty Funeral Home’s real passion is to help all people from different backgrounds get through the most difficult time of their life. This firm has been built on the ability to provide excellent service for the lowest price in the Philadelphia area for over 40 years. Their Funeral home services in Philadelphia are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The funeral home can make any type of arrangement a family may need including pre-arranged funerals and cremation services.

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