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Looking for a Niles plumbing and sewer company for plumbing, flood control or sewer repair? McCoy’s Sewers is the Chicago plumbing company you want!


Niles, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Sewer and plumbing problems are the most common ones in any household or commercial building. They need to be immediately addressed so as to keep the things in control. Plumbing issues such as clogged drains, new toilets, sinks or faucets, bursting pipes due to deep freeze, flooding problems due to snow melt or heavy rains, installing water heaters and many more are addressed by McCoy’s Sewers, a leading Niles plumbing company. They are licensed, experienced and have a team of specialized staff who can address the most basic sewer and plumbing problems to the most complicated ones.

Hot water is essential to nearly every modern home and water heater repair quickly becomes an issue for any family. People should look for the signs of repairs at an early stage in order to avoid major repair costs. Situations where water does not heat, leaking water heaters or noisy water heaters are certain things to notice.

Homes in Chicago are exposed to flooding during rainy seasons or during the snow melting season in spring time. McCoy’s Sewers provides many solutions to help all residents in Chicago including waterproofing solutions, drainage control and drainage pipe cleaning services. Customers are also advised to attend to any sewer or plumbing related problems so as to avoid huge replacement or repair costs in the future.

Apart from sewer and plumbing repair services, the company also provides the latest flooding prevention installations, video camera pipe inspection, sump and ejector pipe installation, sewer rodding, water heater repair and installation, battery backup system installation, catch basin repair and cleaning, and many more.

In addition, McCoy’s Sewers updates the sewer and plumbing systems to help avoid flooding problems and offers expert cleaning services in pipes in order to prevent major clogs that result in costlier sewer repairs. From emergency plumbing services to regular maintenance services, this Chicago plumbing company offers real time solutions to all the problems.

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McCoy’s Sewers, based at Niles, Illinois is a trusted sewer and plumbing service company for years. The company uses the safest and effective products and techniques for cleaning and repairing. They are ready to serve 24 hours a day, delivering only the highest standard of work at the most economical prices. To know more about McCoy’s Sewers and all available services, please visit website

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