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McQuillan Service Club Beats HVAC & Plumbing Care Home Warranties

Regular maintenance is the key to long equipment life


Saint Paul, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- Twin Cities residents who purchased homes covered by warranty insurance may not have the security they think they have. Home warranty policies offered as incentives to homebuyers usually cover appliances like dishwashers and ranges, but many do not include major systems like home air conditioning, heating and plumbing. In addition, these warranties do not cover routine maintenance like AC filter replacement or water heater cleaning in Saint Paul, Minneapolis or Washington County. McQuillan Bros Home Care Club gives members a range of discounts and advantages that supplement or replace home warranties and keep crucial home systems operating smoothly and efficiently.

Limitations on Home Warranties

Home warranties are service agreements with a company that contracts with local providers to perform work on covered appliances and home systems. Warranties appeal to first-time homeowners and buyers new to an area since they deliver peace of mind before homeowners establish a relationship with trusted mechanical contractors and HVAC specialists in Saint Paul. Residents may lose that peace of mind, however, when they discover that home warranties often deliver fewer benefits than expected. Some disadvantages include:

- Limited items or systems covered
- Duplication of manufacturer warranty coverage
- Hidden service fees
- Equipment replacement based on depreciated value
- Exclusions for neglected maintenance
- No choice of service provider

Advantages of Home Service from McQuillan Bros

Now, Minneapolis homeowners have a cost-effective alternative to home warranties: the McQuillan Bros Home Care Club. This regular maintenance plan takes care of plumbing, heating and AC systems before trouble crops up. As Home Care Club members, residents are assured their home's major mechanical systems receive the maintenance required to operate efficiently, year after year. Regular inspections and checkups are essential to avoid unexpected repairs and to prolong equipment life. McQuillan Bros' Home Care Club membership includes:

- Service by licensed and certified plumbers & HVAC contractors in Saint Paul, Minneapolis & beyond

- Three annually scheduled service visits, including inspections of AC, heating & plumbing systems

- Priority scheduling for repairs & installations

- Affordable membership cost that delivers on value

- Access to member discounts & manufacturers' rebates

About McQuillan Bros Plumbing, Heating & AC
For more than 130 years, homeowners have relied on McQuillan Bros for service they can trust. The company's legacy of honest work at fair prices continues today as the McQuillan Bros' team provides state-of-the-art service, superior customer support and affordable pricing. Whether clients need whole home repiping, AC maintenance or annual water heater cleaning in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Washington County or Hennepin County, they can now schedule appointments and service by phone at 651.237.5097 or contact the company online. Make sure to check out the live online message option.