Meagan Chandler Looks to Raise $8,000 via Indiegogo for the Making of Her Wild Upcoming Short Film Merciless Flowers


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Meagan Chandler is a singer, composer, performance artist, mad creative, and servant to the muse. A year ago, she released her first madly eclectic original album, Sensual. And this year, the muse has issued orders that it’s time to create her first ever short film to the sound track of her song “Merciless Flowers”. This short film is the story of one person waking up to her wild side and her own unique gifts, with the help of some colorful elemental superhero friends.

"Human beings tend to lose touch with the bigger world all around them that often knows them better than they know themselves and is whispering to them to wake up to their full, glorious potential, if only they’ll slow down a little, step out of their comfort zone, and listen deep." Says Meagan. With this short film she hopes to inspire viewers to dig for and unleash their own inner super hero, and get just a little more wild. Think mud between toes, mysterioustrails of flower petals and lightening-eyed dream masters.

Meagan has teamed up with the Denver based video production heroes at Cinema Raven, exquisite professional film artists who can bring this vision of beauty to life. In order to pull off this soulful creative mission with maximum professionalism, beauty, and potency, they aim to raise at least $8000 to cover film and production expenses (film crew, editing, special FX, etc.).

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About Meagan Chandler
Meagan’s pursuits in music, movement, and service to community have taken her around the world. Her performance arts studies and experience are truly eclectic. She has studied intensively in various healing/martial movement forms, rites of passage work, and ceremonial arts. She released her first original album, “Sensual” in 2013, and her voice can be found on many other collaborative efforts. She is currently a professional performer, composer, recording artist and teacher.