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Meat Substitute Market 2017: Industry Status & Analysis of Key Industry Players

Global Meat Substitute Industry Press Release


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2017 -- Published a report by Progressive Markets, titled, "Global Meat Substitute Market - Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis & Forecast, 2014–2025". As per the report, the global meat substitute market is expected to register a CAGR of 8.4% from 2017 to 2025. The report is a helpful source of information for market players, VPs, stakeholders, new entrants, and investors to determine strategies for growth and take necessary steps to sustain in the global market. The report offers an extensive analysis of changing market dynamics, major manufacturers, and key segments for the historic period, 2014–2016 and the forecast period, 2017–2025. Moreover, the study provides Porter's Five Forces analysis, recent developments, and outlook toward the future.

The report outlines changing market dynamics of the global meat substitute industry based on drivers and challenges. Rise in obese population, abundance of substitutes, and swift growth in the food service industry are factors that drive growth in the industry. However, availability of variety of low-cholesterol meat products restrain growth of the market. The impact of aforementioned factors is highlighted in the research to help market players gain understanding of market dynamics and take necessary steps to make maximum of opportunities. Determining level of competition and strategies for business development is essential for sustaining business in the global market. So, the report helps market players by offering Porter's Five Forces analysis. Parameters analyzed are bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitutes, industry rivalry, and threat of new entrants.

The report provides an extensive analysis of key manufacturers operating the global meat substitute market. Financial and business segments of each manufacturer are analyzed along with market overview. Moreover, recent developments by each of them are provided to highlight their progress. The key market players analyzed in the report include Amy's Kitchen (U.S.), Cauldron Foods (U.K.), Beyond Meat (U.S.), Garden Protein International, Inc. (Canada), Quorn Foods (U.K.), Meatless B.V. (The Netherlands), Vbites Food, Ltd. (U.K.), MGP Ingredients (U.S.), Morningstar Farms (U.S.), and Sonic Biochem Extractions Limited (India). These insights help investors find investment suitability and market players to open up opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and agreements.

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The report offers key findings of the global meat substitutes market along with market attractiveness. Moreover, current market trends are analyzed in the study along with recent developments. Competitive landscape is outlined in brief to offer insights on current scenario and devise plans to experience growth in the future. This executive summary is helpful for CEOs, VPs, investors, and stakeholders to save time, gain a brief overview of the market, and determine opportunities to capitalize on. Definitions of significant terminologies and scope of the report are outlined along with research methodology adopted by research analysts. Primary and secondary methodologies are adopted to gather and validate data and information. Vendor briefings, online surveys, and inputs from experts are conducted in primary methodology. However, reference to company reports, journals, and webinars are made in secondary methodology.

The report offers a detailed segmentation of the global meat substitute market based on product type, source, category, and geography. Product types analyzed in the study are tofu-based, textured vegetable protein-based, tempeh-based, seitan-based, quorn-based, and others. Based on sources, the market is classified into soy, wheat, mycoprotein, and others. Category segment is further classified into frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable. Geographically, the market is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and LAMEA. Countries from each country are also analyzed in the study. The U.S., Canada, and Mexico are countries analyzed from the North American region, while, U.K., Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and Rest of Europe are regions discussed from the European region. On the other hand, China, Australia, India, South Korea, Japan, and rest of Asia-Pacific are regions analyzed in the Asia-Pacific region. Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and rest of LAMEA are regions explored in the LAMEA.

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of revenue generated by each segment in aforementioned regions for the historic period and the forecast period with the help of tabular and graphical format. Furthermore, market share analysis of each segment for entire period of the study is provided in a tabular representation. These insights also help market players gain understanding of dominating segments and capitalize on those opportunities to gain major market share of the market.

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