MeCam HD Wearable Video Camera Now Available

MeCam, the developer of an innovative Wearable Video Camera, has announced that it will be offering a new line of high definition cameras at a significantly reduced price during its holiday sale.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Hands-Free Wearable Camera manufacturer, MeCam, has recently announced that its much-anticipated MeCam HD is now available for sale. The new and significantly improved Wearable Camera can be ordered from the company’s official website,, for $259.99 (free shipping).

The MeCam HD was the culmination of many months of cutting-edge research and engineering, much of which as gathered by feedback from users of the existing MeCam model. Original MeCam users wanted a more professional and advanced video camera to capture their lives. Marketed as the firm’s “vision of the perfect mini Wearable Video camera”, it will provide full 1080p HD, top quality videos that match or surpass all the high-end cameras currently available on the market. The MeCam HD is described by CEO & Founder Drew Martin, as the perfect hybrid wearable video camera. “The MeCam HD combines the small size, wearability, and time lapse photography features of a lifelogging camera with the high quality video resolution of a GoPro”

Functionally and technologically, the MeCam HD stands out from its predecessor in many ways, although it remains exceptionally portable and lightweight at two inches by two inches. It shoots in full 1080p HD video with a high quality glass lens and a 3- Axis internal gyroscope for image stabilization. Each unit emits its own Wi-Fi signal that connects to the proprietary MeCam App on a smartphone or tablet. Users can use the app to control the functions of the MeCam, view in real time what they are recording and share photos/videos socially among many other things.

MeCam is also developing a technology into its app that will increase it usability by allowing users to send in their MeCam footage into a proprietary video editing program. The program will single out the highlights of the footage and return a fully-edited video which can be easily shared socially with friends and family. The wearable camera also boasts three different time modes for shooting burst and time-lapse photography.

As with the previous MeCam model, the HD version was developed to allow users to record their lives or activities in a manner that was more natural and unique. The product has become popular among a wide range of consumers, and will likely become more widespread in light of the video sharing capabilities. MeCam HD is available for worldwide sale at MeCam will continue to sell both models, the MeCam Classic and MeCam HD.

About MeCam
MeCam was founded by Drew Martin, a Miami entrepreneur who aspired to provide consumers with an advanced and versatile camera that would also be affordable. Since launching, MeCams have received considerable media attention and positive reviews from both consumers and reviewers. The MeCam manifesto is "Live life to the fullest, and let MeCam capture it for you!" He can be reached at or