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Mechanical Actuators Market: Emerging Trends Boosts the Global Industry Growth


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2018 -- Mechanical actuators are used to convert one form of energy into another. These are components of a machine which requires a control system and a source of energy to perform the operation. Mechanical actuators are operated either manually or mechanically depending on the amount of load during the operation. Linear mechanical actuators are preferred over rotary mechanical actuators due to the application type of the mechanical actuator market. Linear mechanical actuators are preferred due to they convert rotary motion into linear motion which is widely used in industries like aerospace, marine, defense, wastewater treatment and water, and manufacturing. The mechanical motion is converted into another form with the help of mechanical actuators.

Mechanical Actuators Market: Market Dynamics

Mechanical actuators are being driven by the low cost of actuators in the market. The actuators being easily manufactured and cheap are being easily transported and readily being sold in the market. The mechanical actuators are also very easy to handle and are capable of bearing heavy loads. The maintenance of mechanical actuators in the market is also very easy and requires less time to reoperation.

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The growing focus of manufacturers and industries towards the green technology is also driving the growth of mechanical actuators market. The demand for linear mechanical actuators is also rising day by day due to its much features and advantages than other types of mechanical actuators. The restraint to the growth of mechanical actuators market is the automation not being supported by the mechanical actuators. An automation being a driver to all the end user type in every market is very time-saving. It also reduces the manual work, increases the accuracy of information and increases efficiency. Since the mechanical actuators are manually operated, they do not require automation. This becomes the hindering factor to the mechanical actuators market and limits its use to this type of application.

The trend prevailing in the mechanical actuators market is the preferred usage of ball screws. Different types of screws being fitted in the mechanical actuators like lead screws, ball screws and Acme screws. The ball screws are mostly used due to their high accuracy, precision, and efficiency in the mechanical actuators. The ball screws are used to provide prolonged life to the actuators and are used to give speed movement at a high rate. The lead screws require great torque and are less efficient to operate while ball screws require oil lubrication and have lesser friction. The applications with high load and continuous life cycle require ball screws with the mechanical actuator.

Mechanical Actuators Market: Market Segmentation

The mechanical actuators market can be segmented on the basis of end use, product type and on the basis of geography.

On the basis of product type, the mechanical actuators market can be segmented into:-

Linear mechanical actuators
Rotary mechanical actuators

On the basis of end user, the mechanical actuators market can be segmented into:-

Aerospace and defense industry
Manufacturing industry
Marine industry
Water and wastewater treatment industry

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Mechanical Actuators Market: Regional Outlook

The mechanical actuators market can be segmented on the basis of geography into seven regions, namely North America, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Western Europe, Latin America, Japan, and MEA. North America is the leading vendor on the market due to the advancement in technology and being a well-developed region. APAC is expected to grow well in the forecast period and will lead the market due to the rise in investments by the manufacturers in countries such as India mainly in the petrochemical and power industries and defense and aerospace sector. The rise in smart manufacturing in the market of Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, India, and China will also help to the growth of mechanical actuators market in APAC. The Western and Eastern Europe is also growing and will continue to rise in the forecast period.

Mechanical Actuators Market: Key Players

The prominent players in the mechanical actuators market are:-

Varedan Technologies
Warner Linear
Physic Instrumente (PI)