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Medcom, Inc Now Offers the Training Program Called "Professionalism for Medical Assistants" to Qualified Professionals Everywhere

Medcom, Inc. is pleased to launch its latest training program called "Professionalism for Medical Assistants"


Cypress, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Medcom, Inc. is proud to announce its training program, “Professionalism for Medical Assistants.” This program discusses ways medical assistants can improve their professional image.

Medical assistants play an increasingly important role in patient care; once relegated to nursing homes or private home care, medical assistants now make vital contributions to patient care in hospitals, surgical suites, and doctor offices. All medical assistants can benefit from learning new ways to communicate with patients and colleagues to better exhibit the professionalism now required of their position. A tidy appearance, including grooming and adhering to a uniform dress code, along with a professional attitude and work ethic improve a medical assistant’s credibility,

The “Professionalism for Medical Assistant” program covers grooming, attire, and proper conduct. Other topics include identifying organizations that promote professional growth overcoming and ways to overcome obstacles that could prohibit professionalism. This DVD packs a tremendous amount of helpful information into just over 17 minutes, the perfect length for busy medical assistant eager to improve his skills.

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