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Media buying is a sub function of advertising and branding management. It basically means the procurement of media at an optimal placement and price.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- In a world like today’s media plays a vital role of influencing the masses as it has higher reach and connectivity than any other form of communications. Media ranges from social networking to ad agencies conceptualizing and visualizing the need to relate to the audience for better economic prospects. It has somehow become hard to imagine what life would be like if there was no media in the 21st century. From educating the masses to creating awareness, media undertakes a landscape of all possible forms of interactive and communicative measure to touch the lives of the people that we know as society.

The role of media and advertisement is becoming grand day by day with all types of gadgets and technological advancement over-taking the personal and professional lives of any citizen. When it comes to business opportunity like buying a media there are certain important thing you should know about media itself.

Edward de Valle, CEO at AMGW AGENCY, a leading Media Buying agency from Florida shares what are the factors that one must avoid overseeing while buying a new media.

- The factors like geography, physical presence of the audience, demographics and station rates are important while entering the business. One cannot simply believe they can create good media with limited knowledge and understanding of market factors and agents that will prove to be crucial hurdle to most of their projects. Identify and research one's target markets and potential audience.
- De Valle asks to ‘Set Objectives and Goals before making a move’: Remember what one is going for, what they've to offer and what one will do to achieve the predefined objectives. Set planning and strategies according to the market conditions. There are chances of running into risks and uncertainties, well it is a part of the process. One cannot taste anything without taking a bite of it.
- Define tasks and strategies carefully. Decide on what to do and how it should be done. The flipside with buying media is that one might have to face the wrath of competitors and flux in consumer trends. Run analysis on market conditions; go to the root of everything.

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