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Media Challenge With a $5,000 Cash Reward Announced by Author of 'Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars'


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- Alex Hernandez, author of “Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars,” has announced that he will pay $5,000 to anyone who can find a book that teaches everything that he does in his book.

Hernandez is confident that his new worldwide media challenge will prove how unique, effective and innovative his book is in helping people lose weight.

Despite government attempts at intervention, a rise in weight management programs and the increased availability of weight loss information, recent CDC findings predict that the current obesity epidemic will affect 42 percent of American adults by 2030.

Hernandez, who is also the founder of SuperstarHealth.com, contends that conventional diet and exercise advice has become outdated due to lifestyle changes affected by technology and marketing.

“Most approaches for losing weight focus on the right things to eat and fat burning exercises,” Hernandez said.

“In today’s rapid-paced society, we’re working longer hours, enduring greater stress, consuming poor quality foods, and being bombarded with marketing messages that trigger hunger and distort our self and body images. Traditional diet and exercise advice may have helped us to maintain a healthy body weight in the past, but today, shocking statistics suggest that it is not enough.”

Hernandez understands firsthand the challenges many Americans face with their weight. His own battle with obesity began early in his childhood. As he got older, Hernandez lost weight and then gained some of it back before he got it under control.

Through his personal experience and years working with others, Hernandez teaches readers how to avoid binge or overeating, a secret for controlling food addictions, the art of thinking thin, techniques for managing personal and work related stress, and how to choose the correct foods and exercises to help burn body fat as quickly as possible. He also shares his exclusive process to help eliminate the emotional eating problem that plagues so many people.

About Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez can still remember the first time he realized he was overweight. He was 11 years old and playing football with friends, when an older neighbor shouted that he had “boobs” that shook when he ran. He had always fluctuated with his weight and credits this to poor food choices, a busy work schedule and the everyday pressures of life as a single parent. Once he discovered how to overcome the daily stresses common in society today, he dedicated his life to helping and inspiring 10,000,000 people to lose at least ten pounds each for a staggering 100,000,000 pounds lost. For more information, please visit http://superstarhealth.com