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Media Freeware Launches Free Car Loan Calculator to Aid with Finances

Media Freeware has created a free car loan calculator that will help individuals establish the monthly payments of a given loan and how long it will take to pay off.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Financing a large purchase is a big responsibility, but also an inevitable one in order to own even essential things like a house and a car. Car finance is particularly competitive, and the deals offered can often sound attractive, contributing toward the decisions people make when purchasing. In order to be sure of exactly how much a loan package will cost, Media Freeware has created a free Car Loan Calculator that will take the terms of the loan and transform them into an easy to understand monthly payment and finishing date.

The software can be downloaded direct from the Media Freeware website and comes with a free unlimited license, meaning users will never have to pay for premium features and can use the calculator an unlimited number of times- ideal when comparing car finance packages online.

The car loan payment calculator asks individuals to simply enter the value of the car, the down payment or trade-in value, sales tax, interest and terms to give a completely accurate reading of how much the loan will cost in real terms, month by month.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “The free Car Loan Calculator is a great tool to have on your PC, especially when you’re looking to finance a new or used vehicle online. Many lenders will offer a detailed set of rates but will hide the most obvious information users need to know- how much it will cost them per month and for how long. Our calculator uses the information provided to give users that knowledge, so they can make informed decisions.”

About Media Freeware
Media Freeware specialise in creating free to use software for media applications. The car payment calculator is very convenient to use. It is very user friendly because all the user has to do is to input the values in the blank spaces. The total value of the car, the down payment, the trade-in value, the sales tax, the interest and the terms in months can be entered in the left side of the screen, and the loan calculator automatically computes the monthly payment, the total of payment and the pay-off date. For more information, please visit: