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Media Freeware Launches Free Percent Calculator for Right Brained, Busy People

Media Freeware has created a text-based percentage calculator that identifies the kind of percentage a user is asking for and delivers it to them without the need for equations.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Calculators have been in use since the Abacus of ancient Greek time and have aided individuals in calculating equations. A calculator is only any good if the person using it already knows the mathematical equation they need to get the right answer out of it. In order to address this problem, Media Freeware has created a free Percent Calculator that allows individuals to ask the software in the form of a question, rather than equation, and get their answer immediately, saving time and energy remembering high school math class in a busy, time-pressure environment like the office.

The software uses a front-ended graphical user interface which allows users to ask their questions in words rather than in mathematical terms, like a Google search, and receive a mathematically accurate answer to their question, without worrying about how to calculate percentages.

The software is freely available to download from the Media Freeware site and will never require a premium purchase to use any of its features. It comes with an unlimited license so users can use it for the rest of their lives if they so wish, and never have to remember a percentage equation again.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “The truth is, we have the advanced technology required now for a software to recognise what is being asked of it by a human being and to deliver to that human being the appropriate answer without us having to translate our requests into mathematical terms- we have simply made that step available to the calculation of percentages so that individuals don’t have to wonder how to make an equation for 40 percent of 72, they can simply ask ‘what is 40 percent of 72?’ and get an answer instantly.”

About Media Freeware
Media Freeware specialise in creating free to use software for media applications. Percentage Calculator, on the other hand, is a text based calculator, making the variously phrased percentage calculations a breeze – even for “right-brained” people. Percent calculator phrases the equation just as a user would speak it, without the need to translate the question into a mathematical equation first. This makes percent equations a no-brainer. For more information, please visit: