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Media Freeware Releases Free HTML Editor for Quick and Easy Website Building

Media Freeware has released a free HTML editor that will allow individuals to construct and preview their own websites using text editing shortcuts, free of charge.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- A website is an essential part of any business or personal brand, and can be used for anything from promotion to journalism to fun activities. People who may wish to have a website often run into difficulties when trying to create one thanks to the obtuse but powerful HTML format, which requires a high level of in-depth knowledge to master. Media Freeware has created a HTML editor that allows users to manipulate HTML visually rather than textually, making it accessible to all who wish to create their own sites.

The free HTML editor is available to download directly from the Media Freeware website and can be installed and running in minutes. The powerful tool allows users to create webpages using simple shortcuts that describe the end result of the programming language before inputting it where the user wishes, instead of them having to write the code themselves manually.

The software comes with an unlimited license and will never limit features to premium editions, so users can use the full creative power of the software to create as many web pages for their site as they wish.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “HTML is a difficult language to learn and has many nuances the deeper it goes. While some people may be able to master the basics they soon find themselves wishing for greater control of even finer details and features. Our free software provides a graphical user interface that allows individuals to manipulate the HTML programming language just like they would create a document, making it easier than ever to create web pages and websites.”

About Media Freeware
Media Freeware specialise in creating free to use software for media applications. Developed by a team of software programmers who want to share to the ordinary people how to easily build their Web pages, their HTML Editor is an easy to download, easy to install and easy to use software program containing all the basic essential tools to come up with a working website. Users can create their website fast and you can create as many websites as you can once you are able to follow how to make use of this HTML Editor. For more information, please visit: