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MediaWiki to WordPress Migration: Automated CMS2CMS Possibilities

Today, CMS2CMS, automated CMS and forum migration SaaS, announces MediaWiki to WordPress conversion improvements. It means that now, all the website owners who are willing to migrate to WordPress may do this automatedly, preserving all the site data and traffic


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- CMS2CMS, web based service that is focused on the automated CMS and forum data migration, officially pronounces its newly added conversion opportunities of accurate and fast MediaWiki to WordPress migration. Now, all the website owners have the possibility to migrate all the MediaWiki website pages, posts, categories and content images to WordPress with no coding skills necessary and no extra time spending.

Prizing customers wishes and demands above everything, CMS2CMS development team does its best to make the website migration easy and fast for everyone. Distinguishing the speed of data transfer and security of every bit of content as the highest priority, this unique SaaS solution provides users with the chance to perform MediaWiki Migration easily in a few minutes.

Automated MediaWiki to WordPress Migration Benefits

There are two possible scenarios of MediaWiki to WordPress migration:

Migration to Test WordPress Site - it means that before proceeding with the conversion to their own new site, all the users are able to try the free migration to the test site of the service and check up the backend and frontend look of the future website.

Migration to the Installed WordPress Site - If the user has already installed WordPress site, it’s possible to convert all the MediaWiki data directly to this website - both demo and complete migration..

CMS2CMS moves the following items from MediaWiki to WordPress:

Content Images
It takes 15 mins for MediaWiki migration. Depending on the amount of website content, the migration procedure takes 5 minutes for set up and 15 minutes for data conversion.
It possesses an intuitive wizard interface. There is no need to have any coding skills, this online service absolutely automates the procedure and resolves the migration process to a few mouse clicks in the migration wizard.
It’s available to try the free Demo Migration. Actually, this option has been adopted formerly and the website owners were able to convert up to 10 pages to the test site to check up the service in progress. But, now the amount of items is increased up to 100 pages with all the related items. It means that the user will be able to evaluate the whole picture of migration process in ?very detail.

Why CMS2CMS is the Alternative Solution For Website Data Migration

These are all the features of CMS2CMS automated migration service. But, obviously it’s not over and every website owner, who wants to migrate the site data, may lot upon the new improvements and revolutionary options for accurate and effortless switch.

For more information on TYPO3 to WordPress migration, visit this page:

CMS2CMS is automated migration service, which allows to convert website from one CMS platform to another and supports data migration between different forum platforms. The main purpose of this service is to import your webpage automatedly after a couple of easy steps with no coding or software installation.

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