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Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site Enables Users to Compare and Find the Best Systems, a new Medical Alert Systems Reviews site, is now live. Readers can compare and find the best senior alert systems that are reliable and easy to use.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2013 -- Recently going live, the new medical alert systems reviews site at allows readers to easily compare and find the best senior alert systems that meet their needs. Medical Alert Systems, or Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), allow seniors to connect with help right away in cases of medical emergencies. The site provides detailed reviews of the top medical alert systems for seniors, so that consumers can compare and find a system that suits them best. The site also includes guides and articles with tips on what to look for when selecting a good system.

The possibility of falling down and getting hurt is a major concern for the elderly. It is one of the leading causes for seniors being hospitalized. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released statistics which show that 1 in 3 seniors above 65 experience falls each year. As a person ages, he or she can become more susceptible to falls and other medical emergencies. Getting help fast can mean the difference between a quicker and easier recovery down the road, or more troubling consequences.

With a medical alert system installed at home, seniors can press an SOS button and become connected with emergency dispatch operators who can assist them. Having help available at the click of a button can have far-reaching results for the on-going good health of the elderly system users. Not only that, it provides for peace of mind to seniors, their children and loved ones as well. The set-up also allows seniors to live independently in their own home. For all these reasons and more, many are actively searching out these home alarm systems.

Currently, there are lots of medical alert monitoring companies offering these systems. It can be confusing for seniors and their children to determine the right company to go with. The advertising from various companies may only highlight their advantages, and shoppers may have to dig deeper to get a more wholistic understanding of the implications of choosing one company over another.

Through the launch of this site, the site developers hope to make it easier for their readers to find and gather information about the different companies and compare them. The design of the site is straightforward and easy to navigate, with the specific intention that readers are able to get their questions answered.

"Readers can find insightful explanations on what factors are important when choosing the right system and detailed reviews of systems offered by various companies. On the site, they can quickly compare the pros and cons these companies side-by-side." announced in their launch statement.

By visiting the site, readers can find detailed reviews of various top medical alert companies like Philips Lifeline®, Life Alert®, LifeStation®, Bay Alarm Medical® and more. Interested parties can find out more by visiting the site at:

About is a site that provides detailed and easy-to-understand reviews on Medical Alert Systems, also known as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). Besides reviews of the best medical alert systems companies, readers can find useful tips and explanations on what to look for when choosing a good system. With the guidance and content provided, readers can quickly compare and find the ideal system for their needs.

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