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Medical Assistant Training Helps People Secure In-Demand Medical Assistant Jobs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Over the next few years, Medical Assisting is expected to be one of the health field’s fastest growing occupations due to technological advances in medicine and an aging population. Medical assistants are in extremely high demand at a variety of health care facilities, including medical offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical companies.

Individuals considering pursing a career in medical assisting have been consulting Medical-Assistant-Training.org, a website devoted to providing information about medical assistant schools, certifications, and programs. According to the website, medical assisting is a lucrative career that maximizes employment and salary opportunities, especially because students who complete medical assistant training find that their skills are in-demand.

Medical assistant jobs are well paid, even though salaries depend on where assistants are located. New medical assistants can start out with $35,000 annually, and, with experience, can earn amounts of $50,000 or more.

The first step to applying for a medical assistant program is to select a school. Medical-Assistant-Training.org’s most popular service is their free directory of top quality schools nationwide. They recommend that aspiring applicants request information from at least three to four schools in order to make an informed decision.

Since there are many medical assistant schools to select from, Medical-Assistant-Training.org suggests that candidates speak to school counselors to discuss training, as well as talking to graduates of the school program they are considering. By discussing training, prospective medical assistants can understand the work required of them, the courses they will need to take, and the mentors that they will be interacting with. They can also get an idea of the placement programs offered by the school, which can later play a key role in finding medical assistant jobs.

The website also reminds applicants that a new registered or certified medical assistant should be able to stand out from the crowd. Medical-Assistant-Training.org recommends that, in addition to excelling in their coursework, students hone their administrative, clerical, machine operation, and diagnostic screening capabilities, which can prove “invaluable if you are starting out with little or no experience.”

Taking the first steps to a career in medical assisting is simply a few clicks away due to the website’s collection of resources. Medical-Assistant-Training.org guarantees, “Whether [you need a list] of the best medical assistant schools in your area or news of a special training course… we [will] make it easy for you to learn about and benefit from the best opportunities.”

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