Medical Billing Software from HealthPac

HealthPac offers a new medical billing software to streamline the billing process of health related industries.


Savannah, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- The health and medical is a large industry catering to a market that is pretty much everyone. Everybody gets sick and needs health care regardless of age, gender or background. And so it is understandable why this industry is so large and its services are so vast. Some of the major challenges that large industries catering to such a large market such as this, involve the area of the financial transactions. The medical billing process is repetitive and the data has so many variants, and the patients receiving the medical bills are endless. Medical billing is a meticulous and heavy process for the medical staff, and the endless number of patients waiting to receive their bills makes this process take up a lot of time and prone to mistakes. HealthPac comes up with a solution for this by providing a medical billing software.

HealthPac offers an automated Medical Billing Company Software for medical and health industries to help eliminate healthcare revenue leakage. Medical billing is a repetitive process that is endless as long as there are patients being served. And while there is a system for this repetitive process, it is always prone to human error especially if the process is manual. Errors in this process can cause major financial problems or losses for both the healthcare centers and the patients. HealthPac uses the power of automation to help eliminate error in this process. And before providing an automated software, the healthcare centers can design the process that suits their needs for full product satisfaction.

HealthPac’s medical billing software not only is automated, but also adapts to the needs of the healthcare centers. The medical industry constantly changes. Rules, regulations, procedures etc constantly evolve, so HealthPac’s software is also up to date compared to other medical billing software that may be outdated. HealthPac also provides medical billing software for all sorts of medical processes and is tailored to each one of them. They provide Emergency Medical Billing Software, Laboratory Billing Software among many others. Healthcare centers can find more information about this medical billing software on HealthPac’s website Now the medical industry no longer has to have problems with medical billing.

About HealthPac
HealthPac offers a medical billing software that is automated, adaptable and customized to healthcare centers’ medical billing needs to help eliminate healthcare revenue leakage. For more information, contact Lindy Claborn at or 1-800-831-9419.