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Medical Blog Introduces Up-to-Date Source on First Aid

The blog is now live and provides a series of articles about how to handle different types of first aid. Numerous categories cover common medical needs.


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- People looking for the most current information on first aid can turn to the newly launched blog. Featuring numerous categories, the WordPress blog informs readers on what to do in a range of different situations.

The blog is organized into categories, ranging from what to do after being bitten by an animal or insect, to how to perform CPR. There is also information on how to stop bleeding, what to do when someone experiences broken bones, or is choking. Information on immediate action on burns, drug overdoses, and eye injuries is also included.

From dealing with all types of wounds to toothaches, is intended to cover just about anything that could happen to a person on a normal day. Articles provide insight on how to alleviate headaches, stomach aches, and muscle aches. The site also has sections on poisoning and how to seek relief from heartburn.

A WordPress blog, the medical site is easy to navigate. Use its simple search function or browse according to category. It is easy to locate recent posts and recent comments, while an archive of blog posts by month and year is provided at the bottom of the page as well. A site map provides an instant outline of the categories and posts featured on the blog.

Recent posts include an article on bandaging wounds alone, dealing with toothaches, seasonal allergies, and how to deal with dislocated joints without having long-term consequences. As the site is designed in blog format, posts will be added and updated frequently. Check it often for details on even more instruction on how to deal with medical emergencies when professional help is not available.

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