Medical ID Jewelry Enters the 21st Century


Louisa, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Medical alert necklaces and bracelets at one time were very important, however limited in the amount of information that could be made available in the case of an emergency. Today’s medicine is far more advanced; Technology is changing and so should your medical ID jewelry.

“My Medic Info takes the idea of a medical identification to the next level and changes the game for emergency medical personnel,” said Paul Connor of ABCP Endeavors, the creator of My Medic Info.

Rather than a single tagged item on a pendant, My Medic Info is a USB medical device that holds all the pertinent medical information of a patient. This means diabetics with penicillin allergies or cardiac patients who take nitroglycerin can let emergency medical responders know in as much or as little of their important medical history as they deem necessary.

“Because you may be unconscious or unresponsive after an accident, there needs to be a way to communicate with emergency services and emergency room physicians. Certain medications are like oil and water, they do not mix, so it is important that all medical information be made known as soon as possible,” Connor said.

Senior citizens who do not maintain their own medicines are especially vulnerable and would benefit greatly from this advanced medical ID jewelry. Many are on more than a single medication and may not have intimate knowledge of all medications. The My Medic Info device takes 100 percent of the worry out of the equation.

“The beauty of the device is the fact that important medical information can also be included, such as details about family information. This too can be stored on the device for quick contacts. If you have advanced directives, those too may go on the My Medic Info,” Connor said.

About ABCP Endeavors LLC
ABCP Endeavors LLC is a company devoted to promoting humanitarian issues, nonprofit organizations, and charitable causes. Their brand allows them to get out in front and lead by example. This new My Medic Info product is just the next step in their ongoing contribution to creating a better world. For more information about My Medic Info or to order, visit

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