Medical Relief International Launches Tanzania Medical Dental Care Project Through Indiegogo

Medical Relief International is seeking participation for its Indiegogo campaign to provide equipment for a permanent medical, dental and maternity center in Tanzania. The Center will contain trained national workers who will assist with the needs of poor and the under-served Maswa people.


Redmond, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- Indiegogo and Medical Relief International (MRI) are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative program to invest in the lives of young girls. The project will train them as national doctors and dentists, allowing clinics to be built in remote areas of the world. The national professionals will help to meet physical needs of the people. MRI will continue to participate in short-term trips, but there will be trained national workers 24/7/365 in the future.

The first goal for MRI is to build a new facility in Maswa, Tanzania. Construction on the Barikiwa Center will begin in the fall of 2015 and is scheduled to begin operations by mid-2016. The center will include a maternity care ward, a dental clinic, and a medical clinic. The land has been purchased and surveyed, and some of the construction funds have been raised. The crowd-funding project is designed to outfit the center with needed equipment to provide adequate service for the needy and poor population in the Maswa region.

A goal of $50,000 has been set. The funds will be used to purchase an X-ray unit for the dental clinic and an ultrasound for maternity care. Currently, a trek of more than three hours is required to reach the nearest facility where adequate care for these needs can be found. The x-ray and ultrasound equipment, along with the sensors and a computer to operate them will help to provide professional care to the people in need, close to where they live.

More than three hundred thousand people live in the area. They have very limited access to dental or medical care. The small government hospital in the area lacks medicine and expertise. The level of care is so limited that the hospital is viewed as a place to go to die. MRI takes portable clinics to the area each year, but can only treat a limited number of people due to time constraints.

Participation in the Indiegogo project by MRI could take one or more of three forms: 1. Volunteers for short-term trips are needed; 2. Share the need with contacts; 3. Give financially.

Medical Relief International was founded in 2005, but the organization has been providing dental, humanitarian, medical and other services to people in need for more than two decades. MRI is expanding, using a transferable and sustainable model and a holistic approach.

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