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Medical School Careers Launched to Provide Comprehensive Guide to Medical Students


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2012 -- Health service careers can be daunting to approach for those thinking about taking the first steps. The high level of education required and the many years of training can intimidate some, and prevent them from pursuing their dream of becoming a medical professional.

Now, Medical School Careers has been launched to promote the benefits of health service education and its associated careers. The blog aims to chart everything from short courses to online education to entry-level jobs and guidance for advancement.

The blog is filled with content-rich original material on topics like cna training, lpn courses and more. Each article aims to introduce the topic that forms its focus, elaborate on the specifics of that field and discuss the implications it holds for those seeking careers in the medical field. In this way, it hopes to overcome many of the negative assumptions and fears about the unknown in a field that is often looked upon with trepidation by those on the outside looking in.

The main menu divides the content into its key category areas. These include Dental, Medical Coding, Medical school, Nursing, Nursing standard, Pharmacist, Physical therapist and Radiology. By doing this, visitors to the site can easily delineate the information and select only the articles that will be most appropriate and useful to them.

The site also has a useful featured tool allowing users to sign up to free information on medical training and courses from recognized institutions. Users enter their zipcode and search for medical training facilities near them to sign up for updates on courses, making it easier than ever to get up to speed with what opportunities are out there.

There is also a sidebar featuring “other great articles” centered around fields related to medicine, health and the sciences such as personal trainers, radiologists and nurses, providing important information and how-to guides on entering the profession.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “It’s the dream of many children at some point or another to become a nurse or doctor. Saving people’s lives and helping people live better lives are noble goals that can be achieved as a nurse or other medical practitioner, while also bringing in a stable wage and a host of prosperous career opportunities. We want everyone who wants to have a career in the medical field to be able to find out how they can do so, and with the help of our site, now they can.”

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